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How Long Creation

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Our young people have talent!


How Long Creation is a concept wishing to accompany and support young people in the artistic field. We highlight young art creators in the following fields: painting, sculpture, modelling, pottery, fashion, make-up, writing, drawing, graphics, etc.
All your accomplishments have value!
A shop is reserved for our young artists, who can send us images of their works online. We will choose the most advanced and original ones and publish them on our tailor-made page, offering them for sale for a symbolic commission of €1. 

Personalized and customizable work is our priority, in order to be able to respond to a growing demand on this market and leave art with its unique taste.

Our Creative Manager

Vincent is our How Long Creation manager. He will supervise this service by receiving and analyzing all the works of our young people under 25 years old.
He will be a source of proposals and may contact some of our artistic collaborators for possible tailor-made requests from How Long's private clientele, depending on their field and their style of work.
For any sending of your illustrations, do not hesitate to contact him by clicking on the button below.

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