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Foire aux questions

  • Why hire a concierge?
    A concierge accompanies you in all your daily or more exceptional projects. In connection with a very large number of experts from all fields, selected through their experience, it allows you to involve qualified professionals, without having to worry about the quality of the rendering.
  • Who are the contributors sent by How Long?
    How Long collaborators are individuals or professionals selected with interest for their expertise and quality work. They are still among the best in their field in the region.
  • What are the rates for a concierge?
    Concierge rates are calculated based on the client's project. Indeed, a distinction must be made between routine work (prices determined) and custom work, the price of which will depend on the size and feasibility of the project.
  • How Long does it offer Premium packs?
    Yes, our concierge offers you a How Long Prestige subscription, to take unlimited advantage of our services all year round.
  • How to start your business on Airbnb?
    To start your business on Airbnb, you need to own a home that you want to rent, especially for short periods. Then just take photos of your property and create an ad on the Airbnb app. Then all you have to do is wait for your property to catch the eye of a visitor to get a rental reservation. It's up to you to accept the latter or not. If so, you will agree on a procedure for handing over the keys with the visitor and then collect the service automatically via the application at the end of their stay.
  • What happens if my property is degraded during an Airbnb rental?
    In this case, very often, Airbnb insurance will reimburse you for the repair or restoration costs, if and only if you can provide proof of the fault of your renters (photos dated before / after for example) . If you cannot find a compromise with Airbnb or the visitors, you can initiate legal proceedings against them and seek substantial damages depending on the situation. Note that large-scale damage is very rare during Airbnb rentals.
  • Are Car Service parts and services guaranteed?
    Yes, all our professionals have a minimum warranty obligation of one year on new parts and 3 months on repairs. However, the situation may be different depending on the services provided. We indicate the warranty period for your parts and services on your quotes and invoices.
  • What should I ask my mechanic when I need to have my car repaired?
    It is essential to ask first, the price of the repairs, in order to know if it falls within your budget. Then, the essential information is related to the deadlines for carrying out the work. If the latter promise to be too long, it may be wise to give the car to the mechanic and buy a new one, to avoid the high costs of renting a replacement vehicle. Finally, it is advisable to ask precisely the origin of the breakdown, its place of occurrence, the risks incurred and the warranty period for the parts.
  • What is the experience of How Long housekeepers?
    Our cleaners are professionals in their field and have at least 5 years of experience. They are discreet, fast, punctilious and efficient.
  • Do you pick up laundry at home?
    Yes, our teams come to your home to pick up your linens and clothes and take them to a laundry for treatment. Once your textiles have been cleaned, we put them back, fold them and store them at your home.
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