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We manage all your administrative tasks

How Long Administrative accompanies you in your routine or exceptional administrative tasks, often forbitting, complex and uninteresting. From the tax declaration to the business creation passing through the accounting, your prestigious concierge fills in all documents for you and communicates them to the dedicated services.



How Long Administrative now supports you in your legal records to assert your rights.

Are you having an administrative or legal problem?

How Long Administrative accompanies you in all your files, from the most banal to the most complex, to assert your rights and allow you to win your case.

Gestion conflit au travail

social problem awork?

You are experiencing harassment, a put in the closet, injustices, abuse of bad debts, unpaid hours worked, abuse of power, or any other inconveniences at work?

Entrust the completeness of the documents in your file, evidence included and we will accompany you to put an end to this situation, thanks to the protection granted to you by law.

Contrat abusif

Victim of an abusive contract?

You signed a contract with a third party individual or professional and the latter does not respect his commitments or one of clause seems to you abusive, even illegal?

Let us know your position and the information in your possession and we will guide and accompany you if your situation justifies it.

Différend tiers

dispute with a third party?

You recently received an unfriendly letter from a third party reproaching an act that you did or did not do? Don't wait for the situation to escalate and call on our How Long Administrative service to sort out the situation, avoid making mistakes who could jeopardize your rights and protect yourself from abusive acts and baseless threats.

Administrative tasks

Création d'entreprise

Business creation

The business creation, even if exciting, needs to build an administrative record, often cumbersome and complex. How Long accompanies you in this realization.

Gestion de sinistres

Conflagration management

The claims, already unpleasant when happen, ask you to build a hard record, to give the proof to insurances and judicial system. We help you in this way.

Gestion comptable


For most of us, the current accouting is a real headache. Our accouting specialists guide you for a better management and understand of your daily accounts.

Service juridique

Legal service

How Long Administrative connect you with the best lawyers of the area in case of legal record to uphold your rights in the best possible way.

Administrative tasks

Tâches administratives

The administrative tasks concern the organization and the business management of a firm or an organization. There are exxamples of common administrative tasks : 

1. Post and mail management : sort, class and answer the letters and mails.

2. Planning and meeting agenda : plan and organize the meetings and assemblies.

3. File management : archive and update the files from the firm.

4. Documents preparation : write, print and send the documents as invoices, estimates or contracts.

5. Financial management : maintain the firm accounting and prepare the financial reports.

6. Human ressources management : manage the employees of the firm, as the pay or furlough management.

It is important to well organize the administrative tasks to assure that the firm or the organization works effective and efficient.

Firm creation

Création d'entreprise

The firm creation involved to implement and develop a business or professionnal activity. Here are the main steps to create a firm :


1. Study the market and define the business plan : it is important to good know the market on which you will begin and to define a development strategy for your company.

2. Choose the legal status : there are a few legal statusfor a company, like individual firm, SARL, EURL. It is important to choose the right legal status that agree with your project.

3. Register your firm : you may register yourself by the administration and obtain a SIREN number for your firm.

4. Find a business premises and equipments : if your activity needs it, you may find an adapted place and equip consequently.

5. Recrute staff : If your company needs employees, youo should recrute them and establish work contracts.

6. Communicate and promote your company : it is important to make know your company and promote it by your customer target.

The firm creation is an ambitious project that ask for time, energy and knowledges. It is important to be fine informed and to be accompagned if necessary to succeed your company creation.

Conflagration management

Gestion de sinistre

The claims management is to deal with the consequences of an unplanned event, like an accident or a natural disaster, which may affect a business or a person. Here are the main steps of the claims management:

1.Assessment of the situation: it is important to determine the extent of damage and the impact of the disaster on the business or the concerned person.

2. Implementation of emergency: if necessary, it is necessary to set up emergency measures to protect the people and the goods.

3. Getting in touch with insurance: it is important to quickly contact the insurance to declare the sinister and get help.

4. Implementation of the claims management strategy: it is necessary to set up a strategy to manage the consequences of the disaster and minimize financial losses and others.

5. Restoration of goods and activities: once the situation has stabilized, it is necessary to set up a restoration plan for company assets and activities or the concerned person.

The claims management is a complex area that requires rigor and organization to minimize the consequences of unplanned event. It's important to be accompanied by professionals to best manage a disaster situation.

Accouting management

Gestion comptabilité

The accounting management consists of maintain the accounts of a company or organization and to prepare financial documents to follow the state of his finances. Here are the main steps of the accounting management:

1.      Registration of theaccounting transactions: you must save all the business financial transactions, like the sales, the shopping, the wages and the taxes, in an accounting software or in account books.

2 .Establishment of the financial state: you have to prepare financial documents to follow the business financial statement, as the balance sheet, the income statement and the cash flow chart.

2.     Finance management: it's necessary to manage the company's cash flow by following the receipts and the disbursements and anticipating the working capital requirements.

4. Tax management: you have to make sure to comply with the company's tax obligations and to file returns and payments on time.

5. Communication with stakeholders: it's necessary to communicatewith the business stakeholders, like the shareholders or the banks, to provide them with financial required informations.

The accounting management is an important area for the good functioning and the sustainability of a business. It is important to entrust this task to competent professionals.

Administrative support

Soutien administratif

The administrative support consists of providing assistance in the administrative tasks of a person. Here are some examples of tasks which can be provided by administrative support:

1. Mail and email management: to sort, to classify and answer to mail and to emails. 

2. Management diary and appointment: to plan and to organise the appointment and the meetings.

3.Document preparation: write, print and send documents such as bills, estimate or contracts.

4.Data entry: to input and update company data in the management software.

5.Welcoming customers and suppliers: welcome andorient the clients and the suppliers who go to the company premises.

The administrative support can be provided by a company employee or by an external administrative services company. It is important to well organize administrative support tasks to ensure that the business or the organization works in an efficient way.

Legal department

Services juridiques

One legal department is an organization which provides advices and legal services to his clients. These services may include assistance with legal problems solve, drafting of legal documents, legal representation and help with dispute resolution. The legal services can be provided by lawyers, of the paralegals and others justice professionals. They can be offered by law firms, government organizations or non-governmental, companies and other types of organization.



One lawyer is a justice professional who represents clients in litigation and legal matters. They are also known as attorneys or legal advice. The lawyers can offer legal advice, write legal documents, represent clients in court and help the dispute resolution. To become lawyer, it is generally necessary to obtain a law degree and be called to the bar of any state or territory. The lawyers can practice in specialized areas such as the Criminal Law, the Business Law, the family law or the immigration law.

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