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All services around your boats

Your How Long Boat concierge has dedicated teams at your disposal to provide you with all the comfort on your boatstaffcaptainhousehold, etc.

We also manage the lease and the sale of your naval assets as well as their maintenance (bodymechanicalsaddlery).

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We take care of photograph your ship from its best angle, let's create the rental ads, let's follow the reservation requests, let's manage it planning, let's proceed to administrative declarations. All you have to do is collect the rent.

We also offer a coaching service to help you make your property as attractive as possible for you and your renters.

The rentals can take place within the framework of a leisure stay or of a prestigious event.

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Our How Long Sale service offers to assist you the selling of your boat, thanks to our online ad platform, we define together a selling price, we select for you the most serious customers and suppliers, we take care of administrative procedures and the return the keys.

Your goods are sold their highest value and we proceed to cleaning and maintenance before the sale, to avoid any subsequent claims.

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How Long Boat provides you with a complete professional crew on your shipcaptainto cookserversgovernessesmaidsswimming pool specialists, etc. We make every effort to ensure that your boat stays either comfortable and exceptional.

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Maintenance and bodywork

We work with the best naval professionals and offer services of saddlery, of body and of mechanical for the repairs and the maintenance of your boat, in order to be always in security and avoid the inconvenience of breakdown or broken


Bateau déf

One ship is a ship used for navigate on the water. The boats sounds designed for float on the surface of the water and to be powered by motors or by the sail strength.

There are many types of boats, ranging from pleasure boats from merchant ships to warships and fishing vessels. The boats can be constructed of wood, metal or composite materials, and can be equipped with gasoline enginesdieselelectric or hybrids.

The boats can be used for many activities, such as fishing, yachting, the cruise, regatta, transport of people or goods, etc. The boats can be used on seas, oceans, lakes and rivers, and are subject to specific regulations depending on their use of their navigation area.



One yacht is a pleasure boat used for the recreational boating and the entertainment. The yachts are generally large in size and can be equipped with many comforts, such as cabins, a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room, a swimming pool, etc.

There are many types of yachts, ranging from cruising yachts to the racing yachts passing through the luxury yachts. The yachts can be constructed of wood, metal or composite materials, and can be equipped with gasoline enginesdieselelectric or hybrid.

The yachts are generally used for sail the seas, oceans and lakes, and are subject to specific regulations depending on their navigation area. The yachts can be operated by their owners or by professional crews, and can be rented for cruises or some prestigious events.

Boat rental

Location bateaux

The boat rental allows to rent a ship for a fixed term, usually for a day or one weekend. The boat rental is an activity of leisure which allows you to discover the pleasures of navigation and of the exploration of coasts and islands.

There are many types of boats available for rent, which are suitable for different budgets and different activities:

- The motor boats: they are adapted to the fast browsing and at the discovery of coasts and islands. They can be rented with or without skipper, depending on the training and experience of the crew.

- The boat: they are adapted to the sailing and at the discovery of islands and archipelagos. They can be rented with or without skipper, depending on the training and experience of the crew.

- The boats with pedals: they are adapted to the discovery of lakes and rivers, and are propelled by human energy. They are generally simple to use and do not require special training or permits.

The boat rental is usually done with rental professionals, such as nautical bases, marinas, rental agencies, etc. The boat rental can be done online or live, and usually requires advance booking and insurance. The boat rental is subject to certain rules and certain obligations, which depend on the type of ship and the chosen route. It is recommended to check with the rental professional before book a boat.

Boat sale

Vente bateaux

The sale of boats can be done in different ways, depending on the type of ship, condition and value. Here are some examples of channels sale of boats:

- The online ads: there are many sites and platforms dedicated to the sale of boats, such as leboncoin, eBay, la Centrale, etc. The online ads make it easy to distribute sale offer and target a wide audience.

- Trade shows and fairs: there are many trade shows and fairs dedicated to nautical leisure and at the sale of boats. These events present the ships to an interested audience and negotiate directly with potential buyers.

- The sales professionals: there are many boat sales professionals, such as shipping agents, brokers, concessions, etc. These professionals specialize in sale of ships and can help find a buyer and negotiate the selling price.

- Auctions: there are boat auctions which allow the sale of ships and sell them at auction. The boat auctions are organized by professionals and make it possible to set a selling price according to supply and demand.

The sale of boats can be complex and requires knowledge of the specifics of the ship, the maritime environment and the second-hand market. It is recommended to be accompanied by a professional to facilitate the selling of the boat and get the best price.

Naval sector

Secteur naval

The naval sector includes all activities related to the construction, operation and maintenance of ships and of boats. The naval sector includes in particular shipbuilding, the operation of merchant ships, warships and fishing vessels, as well as the operation of ports and marine terminals.

The naval sector is a strategic sector for many countries, as it is linked to national security, the economy and international trade. It employs thousands of people and generates billions of dollars in revenue each year.

The naval sector is subject to numerous regulations and strict quality and safety standards, which aim to guarantee the safety of ships and their crews, as well as the protection of marine environment. The companies of naval sector are also subject to intense international competition and must be innovative and competitive to remain in the market.

Boat crew

Equipage bateaux

One crew is a team of people responsible for navigate and operate a boat. The boat crew is composed of professional sailors who have undergone specific training and who have acquired the necessary skills to maneuver and maintain the ship.

The number and composition of the crew depend on the size and type of ship. One pleasure boat can have a crew reduced, consisting of a skipper and a few members, while a ship of commerce may have a crew of several dozen people, divided into different departments (navigationmechanicalfood, etc.).

The boat crew is responsible for ensuring the security and at smooth running of the ship, to follow the instructions of the captain and respect the rules of safety and navigation. The crew works closely together and must be organized and disciplined to ensure the smooth running of the ship.

Naval trades

Métiers bateau

There are many naval trades related to the construction, operation and maintenance of ships and of boats. Here are some examples of naval trades:

-Ship captain: the captain is responsible for navigation and of the operation of a ship. He is in charge of lead the crew and take the necessary decisions to ensure the ship safety and sound crew.

-Second : the second is the assistant of captain and the responsible for the operation of the ship in his absence. He is in charge of supervise the crew and to ensure the smooth running of the ship.

-Mechanic: the mechanic is responsible for maintenance and some repair of the engines and ship's equipment. He is responsible for the preventive and curative maintenance of the vessel.

-Electrician: the electrician is responsible for maintenance and some repair of the ship's electrical installations. He is responsible for the preventive and curative maintenance of electrical equipment.

-Cook: the cook is responsible for meal preparation for crew and ship passengers. He must be able to adapt to the constraints of the marine environment and to offer varied and balanced menus.

-Marine: the marine is responsible for maneuver and of the maintenance from ship. He is responsible for carrying out the orders of the captain and second and the proper use of ship's equipment.

There are many other naval trades, which vary depending on the size and type of ship, as well as the specialization of the crew. The naval trades are subject to numerous regulations and require specific training and technical skills.

Boat maintenance

entretien bateau

The boat maintenance consists in carrying out regular operations of maintenance and of repair to ensure the smooth running and the ship safety. The boat maintenance understands :

- The equipment check and ship systems (engineselectricityplumbingnavigation, etc.) to make sure they are in good working condition and that they respect the safety standards.

- The equipment repair and faulty and damaged systems.

- The cleaning and the surface maintenance and ship's equipment(shellbridgecabins, etc.) to preserve the appearance and the cleanliness of the ship.

- The equipment replacement and used consumables(oilfilterscandles, etc.).

The boat maintenance must be carried out regularly and in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and safety standards. The boat maintenance can be done by the ship owner or by a specialized company, depending on its skills and equipment. The boat maintenance is important to prolong lifetime and to ensure the security of the crew and passengers.

Boat body

Carrosserie bateaux

The body of a boat is the shell who surrounded and protect the ship. The body of a boat is designed for float on water and for weather and impact resistant.

There are many materials used for construction of the body of a boat, such as wood, aluminum, composite, etc.  Each material has its own characteristics and advantages, and is suitable for different types of ships and assignments.

The body of a boat must be maintained regularly to preserve its quality and his lifetime. The maintenance of the body of a boat may include:

- The cleaning and the polishing of the shell to remove dirt and traces of corrosion.

- The opening of the shell to protect the surface of the ship of the severe weather and some corrosion.

- The scratch repair, of the bumps and leaks on the shell.

- The replacement of defective parts or damaged (bowlingpropellers, etc.).

The body of a boat is an important part of the security and some performance from ship. It is important to make sure that she is in good condition and keep it in good condition to ensure the security of the crew and passengers.

Boat mechanics

Mécanique bateau

The mechanics of a boat brings together all of the systems and equipment responsible for propulsion and ship operation. The mechanics of a boat includes: 

- The engines: they are responsible for providing the powerful necessary for propel the ship. The engines can be at essencedieselelectric or hybrids, and can be associated with propellers, of the vanes or some innovative propulsion systems.

- The transmission systems: they are responsible for transmitting the powerful of the engines to the propellers or to others propulsion systems.

- The navigation and communication systems: they are responsible for providing the information necessary to navigate and communicate at sea. They include navigation instruments (compassGPSradar, etc.), communication systems (radiosatellite, etc.) and security equipment (mermaidsnavigation lights, etc.).

- The systems of life support on board: they are responsible for providing the services necessary to ensure the comfort and the security of the crew and passengers. They include systems of air conditioner, of heater, of electricity, of plumbing, etc.

The mechanics of a boat must be maintained regularly to ensure its smooth running and its security. The maintenance of the mechanics of a boat can be done by the ship owner or by a specialized company, depending on its skills and equipment. The mechanics of a boat is a key element of security and some performance from ship, it is important to ensure that it is in good condition and keep it in good condition to ensure the security of the crew and passengers.

Boat upholstery

Sellerie bateau

The boat upholstery is the set of equipment and materials used for develop and decorate the interior and exterior of a ship. The boat upholstery may include:

- The cushions and the floor pillows: they are used for develop and decorate the rest and relaxation areas on board the ship. They are made of materials weather and UV resistant, as the polyester, the leatherette, the cloth, etc.

- The drapes and curtains: they are used for protect from sun, rain and view on board ship. They are made of materials weather and UV resistant, as the polyester, the cloth, etc.

- The carpets and the carpet: they are used to improve the acoustic and thermal insulation, and for decorate the interior of the ship. They are made of materials weather and UV resistant, as the nylon, the polypropylene, the rubber, etc.

- The saddles and the seats: they are used for develop and decorate the cockpits and the relaxation areas on board the ship. They are made of materials weather and UV resistant, as the leatherette, the leather, the vinyl, etc.

The boat upholstery must be maintained regularly to ensure its lifetime and his quality. The boat upholstery maintenance can understand the cleaning and the drying of the cushions and floor pillows, the cleaning and the opening of the saddles and seats, the cleaning and the revarnishing of the carpets and carpet, etc. The boat upholstery is an important part of the layout and some ship decoration, it is important to ensure that it is in good condition and keep it in good condition to ensure the comfort and the well-being on board.

Boat saddler

Sellier bateau

One boat saddler is a professional specializing in design and the production of ship upholstery. the boat saddler is responsible for creating and make the cushions, the floor pillows, the hangings, the wrinkled, the carpets, the carpet and the saddles to develop and decorate the interior and exterior of a ship.

The boat saddler must have skills in sewing, in confection and in decoration to realize quality products and adapted to the needs and expectations of customers. The boat saddler must also be able to work with materials weather and UV resistant, as the polyester, the leatherette, the cloth, the nylon, the polypropylene, the rubber, the leather, the vinyl, etc.

The boat saddler can practice his profession as a freelancer or in a company specializing in the boat upholstery. The boat upholstery is a handicraft which requires patience, precision and creativity. The boat saddler must be able to work in a team and meet deadlines and budgets set by clients. The boat upholstery is an exciting job that allows you to create custom products and participate in the decoration et al the ship fitting.

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