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Porte de voiture d'ouverture

Prestigious private driver

How Long Driving provides you with prestigious private drivers and master driverspunctualdiscreet and professionals.

The cars pipes are premium brands, always well maintained for trips in the greater comfort.

Luxury car rental

We offer you the rent of the most beautiful and prestigious luxury cars

Rolls RoyceFerrariLamborghiniBugattiBentleyAston Martin, MaseratiPorscheChevrolet, MercedesAudi.

Enjoy the comfort and power of best car brands in the world.

Location de voiture de luxe
Chauffeur personnel

Enhanced security on the trips

Our teams offer you private bodyguards to accompany you during your tripsclose protectiondefense against violence and harassment. Our bodyguards are all trained to intervene in emergency.

The options


Luggage storage

How Long Driving provides you with a luggage service to support your luggage at the airport or at your home.

Assurance location voiture


We offer you the insurance of the market most suitable for the car rental, to save you all costs in the event of damage.

Siège bébés voiture

Child and baby seats

Our service of car rentals offers you optional baby seats optional in order to secure your children during your journeys on the road.

Private driver

Chauffeur de maître

One private driver is a person responsible for drive a person or family safely in a private vehicle. The private drivers are usually employed by individuals or companies to ensure the transportation of their customers or their employees.

The private drivers are responsible for the conduct and of the vehicle maintenance, of the route planning and of the travel organization. They are also responsible for ensuring the comfort and well-being of their customers and to respect the safety instructions.

To become private driver, it is generally necessary to have a valid driver's license and driving experience. The private drivers must also be responsiblereliable and courteous and be able to manage emergencies.

The private drivers can be employed by transport companies people or work freelance. They can be responsible for drive luxury vehicles, like the limousines or some prestige cars.

The private driver must be courteous and professional, and be able to respond to the requests and needs of its passengers. He must also be able to maintain the vehicle in good clean and working condition.

Close security

Garde de sécurité

The close security is a device of protection put in place to ensure the personal safety, usually a public figure, business executive or member of a royal family. The close security is usually provided by a team of security professionals, who are responsible for ensuring the safety of the protected person in all circumstances.

The close security professionals are usually experts in self defense technics and in emergency management. They are responsible for protect the secure person against the threats of violence or harassment, and to react quickly in case of danger.

The close security is usually implemented when the protected person is exposed to a particular risk, as when tripspublic events or business trips.

Luxury cars

Voiture de luxe

luxury car is a high end vehicle, usually made by brands recognized for the quality and prestige of their products. The luxury cars are generally more expensive and more equipped than vehicles standard range, and are often chosen by people looking to stand out and ride in a top quality vehicle.

The luxury cars are generally endowed with characteristics and high quality equipment, such as powerful engines, of the high quality coating materials, advanced navigation and entertainment systems, leather seats, etc.

There are many luxury car brands, among which we can citer Rolls RoyceFerrariLamborghiniBugattiBentleyAston Martin, MaseratiPorscheChevrolet, MercedesAudi, etc. The luxury cars are usually sold by brand dealers or by automotive professionalss pecialized in sale of luxury vehicles.

Car rental

Location de voiture

The car rental is a service consisting in making available to a person or a company a temporary use vehicle, against the payment of a sum of money. The car rental allows a person to have a vehicle for a limited period, without having to purchase it.

There are many car rental companies, which offer a wide range of vehicles, ranging from passenger cars to utilities, including luxury vehicles and electric vehicles. Most of car rental companies also offer delivery services or resumption of vehicle, as well as insurance and rental options adapted to the needs of their customers.

To rent a vehicle, it is generally necessary to present a credit card and a valid driver's license. Most of car rental companies also require that the driver be at least 25 years old and have sufficient driving experience. The rental period and prices vary depending on the company and the vehicle selected.

Personal driver

Luxe Service de chauffeur

One personal driver is a person responsible for driving a vehicle for an individual or a family of high rank, such as a member of the royal family, an ambassador or a business executive. The personal driver is responsible for drive the vehicle safely and to ensure the comfort and at the satisfaction of its passengers.

The personal driver must hold a valid driver's license and have a good knowledge of the highway code and road safety rules. He must also be able to plan the routes and adapt to unforeseen

The personal driver must be courteous and professional, and be able to respond to requests and the needs of its passengers. He must also be able to maintain the vehicle in clean and working order.

The personal driver can be used by a private transport company or by an individual to transport his guests or his family. It can be charged with drive a tourist vehicle, a minibus, a bus or a luxury vehicle.

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