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Jet privé luxe

Prestige private jet pilot

How Long Fly makes you available to pilots deprived of prestigepunctualdiscreet and professionals.

The helicopters and planes ducts are from premium brands, always well maintained for trips in the greater comfort.

Private jet rental

We offer you for rent the most beautiful and prestigious luxury private jets

Enjoy the comfort and power of best aviation brands in the world.

Jet privé
Transport hélicoptère

Enhanced security on the go

Our teams offer you private bodyguards to accompany you during your tripsclose protectiondefense against violence and harassment. Our Bodyguards are all trained to intervene in emergency.

The options

Pilote jet privé


How Long Fly provides you with professional pilots to achieve and to secure your journeys in the greatest comfort.

Assurance location voiture


We offer you the insurance of the market most suitable for the rental of jets, planes and helicopters, to avoid any costs in the event of damage.

Restauration jet privé


The jetsplanes and helicopters are all equipped with catering services, with kitchen, private chef and table service to make your journeys enjoyable and allow you to enjoy the journey.

Private jet pilot

Pilote aviation

private jet pilot is a qualified professional fly private planes reaction. He is responsible for the passenger and aircraft safety, as well as the planning and execution of flights

To become private jet pilot, you have to follow a thorough professional training, which includes theoretical courses and hours of practical flight. The level of training and requirements vary by country and region. Airlines companies.

The private jet pilots must also hold a license professional pilot issued by the authority of civil aviation from their country. They must also complete ongoing training to maintain their skills and certification.

Finally, a private jet pilot must have excellent communication skills, good time management and the ability to make quick and accurate decisions in an emergency.

Close security

Garde de sécurité

The close security is a device of protection put in place to ensure the personal safety, usually a public figure, business executive or member of a royal family. The close security is usually provided by a team of security professionals, who are responsible for ensuring the safety of the protected person in all circumstances.

The close security professionals are usually experts in self defense technics and in emergency management. They are responsible for protect the secure person against the threats of violence or harassment, and to react quickly in case of danger.

The close security is usually implemented when the protected person is exposed to a particular risk, as when tripspublic events or business trips.

Luxury private jet

Jet privé de luxe

luxury private jet is a high-end private plane designed to provide comfort and a premium travel experience. The luxury private jets can be equipped with many luxurious features such as premium leather seats, high definition flat screens, sophisticated entertainment system, minibar, full kitchen, shower, comfortable bed and much more.

The luxury private jets can accommodate a small number of passengers, often between 4 and 20 people, providing a personalized and intimate flight experience. The luxury aircraft can also offer flexible flight routes and schedules to meet the needs of the most discerning travelers.

Airlines offer different types of luxury private jets, such as business airliners, light jets, turboprops and medium and large jets. The luxury private jet fares vary depending on the type of plane, number of passengers, distance traveled and features offered. Costs can be high, but for those looking to travel in privacy, convenience and luxury, the luxury private jets can provide an exceptional travel experience.

Private jet rental

Jet privé de prestige

The private jet rental is a service offered by many airlines companies, which allows customers to charter a private jet for a specific trip. Customers can hire a private jet for some business travel, family holidays or for any other type of trip.

The private jet rental offers several advantages over commercial flights, such as routes and schedules for flight flexibility, a more personalized and intimate travel experience, and the convenience of flying direct to remote destinations non-stop.

The private jet rental can be done in different ways, including through an airline company, a specialized travel agency or an online rental platform. The private jet charter prices vary depending on the type of plane, the duration of the flight, the distance travelled, the number of passengers and the features offered.

It is important to note that the private jet rental can be expensive, especially for luxury aircraft. However, for those seeking an exceptional travel experience and personalized service, the private jet rental can be an interesting option. It is recommended to use an airline company or a reliable travel agency to guarantee safety and quality of service.



An aerodrome is an area equipped for take-offs and landings of planes. It can be a commercial airport, a regional airport, a military aerodrome or a small local aerodrome.

The airfields are equipped with landing and take-off runways, as well as facilities for refueling, parking of planes, maintenance and repair. The airfields may also have a terminal for passenger check-in, security screening and passenger boarding planes

The airfields are regulated by the authorities of the civil aviation of each country. They are subject to strict safety standards to ensure the safety of passengers and crew members. The authorities of the civil aviation are responsible for the supervision and regulation of airfields, as well as the issuance of licenses for operators of airfields.

The airfields are essential for the air transport, allowing planes to travel between different cities and countries. The commercial airports spaces are often equipped with many passenger services, such as shops, restaurants and hotels, to enhance the passenger travel experience.

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