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Our car service offers you many services. Entrust us with your vehicle for all your needs:  

Interior and exterior car cleaning,  detailing, mechanics, bodywork.

HOW LONG maintenancesrepairsimproved and embellishes your car with the best professionals of each domain, for a tailor-made servicequick and one quality of prestige.

Christophe, our manager of the How Long Car Service subsidiary, specializing in detailing, a field in which he has excelled for several years, in particular the vehicle repair, the cleaning in depth, the maintenance of the body, the mechanical accompaniment (repair of the breakdownsemptyingpneumaticpowerful) accompanies you in all your projects, from the most common to the most extravagant.

Having worked on the most beautiful cars: FerrariLamborghiniBugattiBentleyAston MartinMaseratiPorscheChevroletMercedes and Audi, his expertise will allow you to be taken care of as soon as possible, ultra-personalized support, meticulous work and using the best technologies and products of the market.

He will be able to advise you in all your projects. Feel free to contact us to find out more.


All our services are studied and designed to satisfy you and meet each need in a personalized way.

We take great care to be at your disposal to diversify our services as much as possible, by surrounding ourselves with being better experts of each domain.


All of our services are guaranteed to superior quality. Each realization is executed using the best products, the best service providers and the best materials.

Our experts keep themselves constantly informed of market news to offer the most advanced technical solutions.


Because of our customers matter, we consider a reactive delay is an essential value to best avoid the well-known inconveniences of the deprivation of one's vehicle.

To do this, our work is carried out in an unbeatable time.


Have an attentivelistening and of good advices contact person is our major priority, in order to establish a relationship of trust with our customers and be force of proposal to carry out the most adapted work to the requirements of the car owners.

The different automotive services

There are many types of services that can be performed on an automotive. Here are some common examples: 

1. Oil changes: This involves replacing the old oil in the engine with fresh oil to help maintain the motor in good working order and efficient.

2. Permutations of tires (geometry/parallelism): it is a question of rotating the tires of a vehicle so that they wear evenly and last longer.

3. Repairs of brakes: it is to fix or replace components of braking system, such as brake pads or the rotors, to ensure that the brakes are functioning correctly.

4. Repairs from motor: this may involve the repair or the replacement of various components of motor, such as spark plugs, fuel injectors or valves, to ensure the proper functioning of the motor.

5. Repairs of transmission: this may involve the repair or the replacement of components of the transmission, such as gears or torque converter, so that the transmission works correctly.

6. Repairs of the suspension: it's about the repair or replacement of the components of suspension system, such as shock absorbers or struts, to ensure that the vehicle handles properly and runs smoothly.

7. Electrical repairs: it's here repair or replacement of various electrical components, such as the drums,  the alternator or the starter, to ensure that the electrical system of the vehicle is working properly.

8. The body: it is about the rehabilitation of the vehicle exterior, after shocksinister or severe weather. The bodybuilder proceeds to the painting, the dent removal, the sanding.

9. The Detailing: it is to clean and polish exterior and interior of the vehicle to make it look as new as possible.

10. The car wash: this consists to clean the interior and exterior of the vehicle, thanks to chemicals productsspiration and one karcher, to maintain the vehicle without traces of dirt.

These are just a few examples of the many types of service that can be performed on an automobile.

Services automobiles

Vehicle maintenance

The vehicle maintenance is the set of operations of maintenance and of repair which aim to preserve or improve the working and the state of your vehicle. There are different types of maintenance:

1. The routine maintenance: these are the operations of regular maintenance which aim to preserve the operation of the vehicle. For example, the oil change, the tire rotation, the replacement of filters, etc.

2. The preventive maintenance: these are maintenance operations aimed at preventing occurrence of failures or of malfunctions on your vehicle. For example, the replacement of some rooms before they are worn, the cleaningand the lubrication of certain organs, etc.

3. The curative maintenance: these are the operations of repairwhich aim to repair a breakdown or one dysfunction on your vehicle. For example, the replacement of one defective part, the setting of certain organs, etc.

It is important to respect the maintenance schedule recommended by the manufacturer of your vehicle to maintain its good working and extend its life.

Services véhicules

Common car services

One car service is a repair workshop and car maintenance. Car services generally offer a wide range of services, such as:

1. The oil and filter change: it is a question of replacing the used oil and the filters (oilaircockpit) by new parts to maintain the optimum engine operation.

2. The repair and the replacement of rooms: car services often offer repairs and replacements of defective parts or worn, such as brakes, shock absorbers, tires, etc.

3. The preventive maintenance: some car services offer operations of preventive maintenance, as the cleaning and the lubrication of certain organs, the parts replacement before they are worn, etc.

4. The body repair: some car services offer repairs and retouching of body next to an accident or to grooves or bumps.

5. The compliance: some car services offer operations of compliance to verify that your vehicle complies with the safety standards and the current environment.

It is recommended to have the maintenance and the repairsof your vehicle by a professional car service to guarantee a quality work and an optimal security of your vehicle.

Professionnels automobiles

Automotive professionals

There are many automotive professionals who may be involved in the maintenance and the repair of vehicles. Here are some examples of automotive professionals:

1. Mechanics: they are responsible for the maintenance and repair of the engines, of the transmissions, of the brakes, etc. They can work in an auto repair shop or be employed by a repair company.

2. Bodybuilders: they are responsible for repair of the body of a vehicle following an accident or grooves or bumps. They can work in a body shop or be employed by an repair company.

3. Maintenance technicians: they are responsible for the preventive maintenance and some repair of light vehicles and of heavyweight. They can work in an auto repair shop or be employed by a repair company.

4. Sales consultants: they are responsible for sale of new and occasion vehicles and as well as rooms and accessories for vehicles. They can work at a car dealer or be employed by a company selling detached pieces.

5. Trainers and teachers: they are responsible for the training and teaching of automotive trades in the vocational training entries or schools.

There are many other automotive professionals, such as engineers, designers, production managers, etc. Each of these professionals plays an important role in the automotive industry.

How Long Car Service connects you with top automotive professionals in your region, for tailor-made services and high quality.


Vehicle gardening

The vehicle guarding is to ensure the surveillance and the vehicle safety when they are parked or moving. This may be necessary in many situations, such as when business trips, of persaonal trips, demonstrations or vehicle transfers.

Here are the main tasks of the vehicle guarding:

-Vehicle monitoring: the vehicle caretaker ensures the vehicle monitoring while they are parked, using security equipment like the surveillance cameras, the alarms and remote controls. It can also be brought to monitor vehicles while they are moving, using speed cameras and GPS.

-Access management: the vehicle caretaker manages the vehicle access, authorizing or refusing the access according to established rules and guidelines. He may also be required to manage the pins and the vehicle keys.

-Security Assurance: the vehicle caretaker ensures the vehicle safety making sure they are protected against the flights, the fires and the damage. It may also be called upon to react in the event of incidents or of emergencies.

To become vehicle caretaker, specific training is recommended, such as a security diploma, or continuing vocational training. The business of vehicle caretaker can be demanding and requires vigilance, discretion and some reactivity. It may also involve atypical hours and some availablity, particularly in the case of missions of night or weekend.

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