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Jardinier paysagiste


One gardener is a person who takes care of the maintenance and some creation of gardens and green spaces. He can be employed by a landscaping company or work freelance.

Here are the main tasks of a gardener

-Garden maintenance: the gardener takes care of the routine garden maintenance, like the lawn mowing, the hedge trimming, tree pruning, cleaning beds, etc.

-Planting and sowing: the gardener can be responsible for planting new plants and of the seed sowing to get news blooms.

-Development creation: the gardener can be responsible for planting again arrangements in the garden, such as flower beds, beds, ponds, etc.

- Advice and follow-up: the gardener may be required to advise owners on the choice of plants and adapted facilities their garden and their climate, and to help them maintain their garden.

Coach sportif

Sport coach

One sport coach is a person who takes care of the coaching and the physical preparation for athletes of all levels, either it's about beginners or of professionals. He can work in sports hall, in a club or independently, and take care of the physical preparation of athletes from different disciplines (bodybuildingcardio trainingteam sports, etc.).

Here are the main tasks of a sport coach:

- Development of training programs suitable for goals and the needs of each jock, taking into account its physical abilities and its possible medical contraindications.

- Supervision of workouts: the sport coach frame the workouts and ensure the safety of sporty during practice. He advises them and motivates to reach their goals.

- Monitoring and evaluation of progress: the sport coach monitors and evaluates progress of athletes and adjust their training program consequently. He can also accompany them during competitions or courses preparation.

- Advice and nutritional monitoring: the sport coach may also be responsible for advising sporty on their feed and to offer them nutritional plans adapted to their needs and goals.

Coach sportif


One locksmith is a person who takes care of the laid, of the repairation and replacement of locks and of security systems. He can work in a locksmith company or independently, and operates mainly in the field of home security and businesses.

Here are the main tasks of a locksmith:

-Installation of locks: the locksmith poses locks on the doors, the windows and the shutters, taking into account the standards of security and the specificities of each building.

-Repair of locks: the locksmith fixes the faulty or damaged locks, replaces the defective parts or readjusts the mechanism.

-Replacement of locks: the locksmith replaces locks which are no longer functional or no longer meet the standards of security.

-Installation of security systems: the locksmith can be loaded with installation of additional security systems, such as alarms, surveillance cameras, electronic locks, etc.

- Advice and assistance: the locksmith advises clients on the various available security systems and assists them in choosing the most suitable system for their needs and budget.

Cours art et musique

Art and music teacher

One art and music teacher is a person who taught the technics and the artistic and musical knowledge to students of all ages and all levels. He can teach in a school, college, high school, university, conservatory or independently.

Here are the main tasks of an art and music teacher:

- Preparation of classes: the teacher prepares the classes depending of educational goals and skills of its students, selecting the adapted exercises and brackets. It must be able to transmit the theoretical and practical knowledge in a clear and accessible way.

- Supervision of students: the teacher frame the students during the classes and workshops, giving them advices and feedback to improve their performance and their interest in art or music. He may also be required to organize projects and concerts for the students

- Evaluation and monitoring of students: the teacher assess the progress and the skills of its students, using quality and relevance criteria and giving them grades and feedback. It may also be required to establish balance sheets and custom worktops.

Cours art et musique


One stylist is a person who takes care of the creation and the establishment of clothing collections and fashion accessories. He can work in a company of ready to wear, a luxury brand, a fashion house, a styling agency or independently.

Here are the main tasks of a stylist:

-Creation of collections: the stylist creates collections of clothing and fashion accessories inspired by trends, themes, materials and of colors. He draws sketch and realizes models to illustrate his ideas.

- Selection of materials and suppliers: the stylist selects the materials and suppliers suited to its creations and negotiate prices with them.

- Production follow-up: the stylist follows the production of its collections and ensure the quality and conformity of finished products.

- Presentation of collections: the stylist presents its collections to company decision makers, journalists and buyers during fashion shows or presentations showroom.

- Advice and assistance: the stylist may be required to advise clients on trends and the looks adapted to their personality and their style, and to help them choose fashion clothes and accessories.


One masseur is a person who deals with the realization of therapeutic or relaxation massages. He can work in a massage institute, in a spa, a fitness center or independently.

Here are the tasks of a masseur:

-Realization of massages: the masseur realizes therapeutic or relaxation massages on the body or face, using manual massage technics and massagers. He can also apply essential oils or some massage products to improve the massage effect.

- Advice and assistance: the masseur advises clients on the various available types of massage and assists them in choosing the massage adapted to their needs and state of health. He can also give them advice on welfare and of relaxation.

- Management of massage institute: the masseur can be responsible for management of a massage institute, and take care of the management of appointments, the keeping of the diary, the management of stocks of massage products, etc.



One hairdresser is a person who takes care of the chopped off, of the hairdressing and some hair coloring. He can work in a hairdresser, a beauty institute, a center of fitness or independent.

Here are the main tasks of a hairdresser:

-Chopped off and hair hairstyle: the hairdresser cuts and styles the hair customers according to their preferences and taking into account their morphology and their style. He uses scissors, clippers, combsbrushes and styling products to realize adapted hairstyles on different occasions.

-hair coloring: the hairdresser can be brought to color hair customers, using appropriate chemicals to the different colors and to the different hair types. He must be able to respect the safety instructions and advise clients on products to use and the care to be continued.

-Advice and assistance: the hairdresser advises customers on the trends and the hairstyles adapted to their personality and to their style, and gives them hair care tips. It can also offer them additional services, such as facials, manicures, etc.

All trades craftsman

One all trades craftsman is a person who is versatile and able to perform work in various fields of construction and renovation. He can work in aconstruction business, a carpentry workshop, a renovation company or independently.

Here are the main tasks of a all trades craftsman :

- Realisation of construction and renovation works: all trades craftsman may be required to make masonry work, plumbing, carpentry, painting, floor tile, plastering, etc. He must be able to adapt to different materials and to the different building sites.

- Advice and assistance: all trades craftsman advises clients on the various options for poszsible works possible and assists them in the choice of materials and technics tailored to their needs and budget.

- Management of workshop or company: the craftsman all trades may be responsible for managing a workshop or a company, and take care of the management of appointments, the keeping of the diary, the management of the stocks of materials, etc.

Artisan tous corps d'état

Swimming pool specialist

One swimming pool specialist is a person who takes care of the swimming pool maintenance. He can work in a swimming pool company, a recreation center, a camping or independently.

Here are the tasks of a swimming pool specialist:

-Swimming pool maintenance: the swimming pool specialist takes care of the daily pool maintenance, by performing water analysis, adding chemical products and in cleaning filters and skimmers. He also ensures the cleanliness and some pool safety.

-Swimming pool repair: the swimming pool specialist repairs defective or damaged equipment of the pool, like the pumps, the filters, the solenoid valves, etc.

-Installation of swimming pools: the swimming pool specialist can be loaded with installation of new swimming pools, taking care of the preparation of the ground, the setting up of structures and equipment, and the commissioning of the swimming pool.

- Advice and assistance: the swimming pool specialist advises clients on the various types of swimming pools and available equipment and assists them in choice of swimming pool and equipment adapted to their needs and budget.


One designer is a person who takes care of the creation, of the confection and the creation of clothes and costumes. He can work in a company of confection, a sewing workshop, a fashion boutique or independently.

Here are the main tasks of a designer:

-Creation of models: the couturier creates clothing and costume designs in drawing sketches and in making patterns. It can work from themes, trends or specific customer requests.

-Clothing making: the dressmaker makes clothes and costumes using sewing machine and sewing by hand. He must be able to work with different types of fabrics and of materials, and to respect the instructions of quality and of finishing.

- Adaptation and clothing alteration: the designer may need to adapt or custom clothing alteration for customers, taking into account their measures and their preferences.

- Advice and assistance: the designer advises clients on materials, cuts and styles adapted to their personality and their needs, and gives them advice on care of their clothes.


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