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Baby Sitter Pet Sitter

We keep your beloved under high security

How Long Gardening keeps your children and your animals during your trips and your absences.
Our teams are children's or animals professionalspatientsmagnetsimaginative, they will know how to occupy your loved ones during the guards.

Baby Sitting

Our Baby sitter take care of your children during your absencesmealhygienesleepingactivitieshomework, we set up a tailor-made service as required.

Our teams are multilingual to allow you to entrust your children to people with whom they can to communicate without problem.

All our Baby sitter are early childhood graduates, have an experience of at least 5 years and are softpatientslisteningprofessionalsimaginative   and magnets.

Baby sitting
Pet Sitter

Pet Sitting

Our pet sitter take care of your animals while you are awaymealgameswalkseducationcuddles, your animal will have a great time with our passionate about cats, dogs, fish, NAC, etc.

All our pet sitter  have an experience of at least 5 years in the animal sphere and are softpatientslisteningprofessionalsimaginative   and magnets.


Garde d'enfants

The babysitting refers to the child care by someone other than their parents. This may include the home care, the keep in crib or one child care center, or the keep by family members or friends. The babysitting is often used to allow parents to work or take care of their personal affairs. There are different options of babysitting available, and it is important to choose the one that best suits your family's needs:

1. The nanny: it is a person who comes to your residence to take care of your children while you are at work or busy elsewhere.

2. The childminder: it is a person who welcomes your children to his home and who takes care of them during the day.

3. The recreation center: it is a place where your children can be accommodated during school holidays or certain weekends.

4. The holiday center: it is a place where your children can be welcomed during school holidays to participate in organized activities.

5. The kindergarten: it is a school which welcomes children aged 2 to 6 years and which offers them a guard structure during the day.

Baby sitter qualities

Baby sitter

Here are the qualities of our Baby sitter:

1.Managers: our Baby sitter are able to take care of your children so safe and follow the instructions you give them.

2.Reliable: our Baby sitter are reliable and arrive on time to take care of your children.

3.Patient: our Baby sitter are patients  and able to handle difficult times ortemper tantrums of your children calm and professional.

4.Benevolent: our Baby sitter are able to find activities to occupy children and entertain them.

6.Communicative: our Baby sitter are able to communicate effectively with you and keep you informed of what is going on while caring for your children.

It is important to take the time to find a babysitter who owns these qualities and that suits your family.

Pet Sitting

garde d'animaux

The pet sitter consists of take care of pets, like the dogs, the cats, the birds or the rodents, while their owner is away or busy. The pet sitter can be provided by a professional, like a pet sitting business  or oneboarder for animals, or by an individual who takes care of animals of his neighbors or friends in exchange of remuneration. If you are looking for someone to take care of your animals during your absence, it is important to clearly define your needs and find a trusted person who will get along well with your animals.

Pet Sitter qualities

Pet Sitting

Here are some qualities that should have a good pet sitter

1.Animal lover: the pet sitter must love animals and be comfortable in their presence.

2.Responsible: the pet sitter must be able to take care of your animals safely and follow the instructions given to them.

3.Reliable: the pet sitter must be reliable and arrive on time to take care of your animals.

4.Patient: the pet sitter must be patient and able to handle difficult times or behavioral  of your animals calm and professional.

5.Caring: the pet sitter must be caring and love spending time with animals.

6.Communicative: the pet sitter must be able to communicate effectively with you and to keep you informed of what is happening while take care of your animals.

It is important to take the time to find a pet sitter who owns these qualities and that suits your family and your animals.

Children needs

Besoin enfants

The children's needs may vary depending on their age and stage of development, but they usually need:

1. Food and water: the children need a healthy and balanced diet to develop optimally.

2.Sleep: the children need enough sleep to be fit and healthy.

3.Mental and physical stimulation: the children need player and participate in activities to develop their skills and curiousity.

4.Affection and support: the children need to feel that they are loved and supported by their parents and family.

5. Structure and limits: the children need rules and limits to feel safe and understand what is expected of them.

It is important to consider these needs to ensure that your children are happy and in good health.

Animal needs

Besoins animaux

The animal needs may vary depending on their species, age and lifestyle, but they generally need:

1. Food and water: all animals need food and water to stay in good health.

2.Veterinary care: the animals need to receive regular veterinary care, like the vaccinations and dewormers.

3.Practice and mental stimulation: the animals need to exercise and express themselves appropriately to stay in good physical and mental health.

4.Affection and Warning: the animals need to feel that they are part of the family and that they are loved and taken into account.

5. One safe environment: the animals need a safe environment and tailored to their needs.

It is important to take into account these needs to make sure your animals are happy and in good health.


Animaux domestiques

The pets are animals who have been tamed by the human and who live in their company. The pets the most common are dogs, cats, birds and rodents like the hamster and the rabbit. The pets can be considered as family members and often offer a pleasant and comforting company for humans. It is important to well take care of your animals servants and offer them a feed and care adequate for them to stay in good health.

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