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Our partners

Our partners are trusted companies, with whom we collaborate regularly in order to share our events to offer additional services adapted to the needs of our respective customers.

Réunion d’affaires
Réunion d'affaires

Our platinum partners

Our platinum partners are longtime friends of the How Long Family, located on Antibes and Golfe Juan.

Genuine pioneers and institutions, they represent the qualityand the values of how long.

In place for several years on their activity area, they were able to do the difference and create fame in their catchment area

Recognized by all and offering high value services in their domain, we support each other to satisfy high interest activities, with the aim of solid development.

Their representatives are invested in their businesspassionate about their job,welcomingbenevolent and serious professionalism.

They are the hard core of our society and actively participate in a mutual support.

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