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Nettoyage de l'évier de la salle de bain

Cleaning new homes before delivery

Our housekeepers thoroughly clean your accommodation before delivery, so that the property is pleasant to visit.

Nettoyage de la fenêtre

Private cleaning at home

Every week, your housekeeper comes to your home (apartment, house, villa) to maintain it according to your needs.

Office spaces cleaning

Every day, our cleaning teams come to your premises to make them clean and welcoming.

Femme de ménage Meubles

Airbnb cleaning

Our concierge service is specialized in cleaning apartments and houses rented on Airbnb.

La femme de ménage essuie la table

How Long Clean Up Services

Your How Long concierge service offers you cleaning services carried out by professional cleaning ladies, fast, efficient and reliable.

All your household tasks of daily life are taken care of as well as your specific one-off requests (post-event cleaning or party, friends visiting, etc.).

We assign you a dedicated housekeeper, in order to have a single point of contact.

We use the best cleaning products of the market, antibacterials and disinfectants, ecological and not harmful to health.

The schedules of our teams maid adapt to your needs.

Details of our cleaning services

Ménage sols


Vacuuming / broom + mop and carpet cleaning.

Ménage vitres miroirs

Windows and mirrors

We clean and make your windows (interior / exterior) shiny

Ménage cuisine


We store your utensils and clean all surfaces and interior cupboards / fridges.

Ménage salle de bains.

Bathrooms / WCs

We maintain, wash and disinfect all surfaces.

Ménage rideaux murs

Curtains / walls

We regularly clean your curtains (pressing if necessary) and walls (traces).

Ménage jardin


We thoroughly clean your terraces / balconies /gardens and outdoor lounges (tables, armchairs, parasols, etc.).

Our added value

Nettoyage literie


We clean your bedding, curtains and carpets (by hand, washing machine or pressing) by adapting to the material and change your sheets.



We iron your linens and clothes and fold them appropriately.



We wash your dishes by hand (cleaning and drying) then store them in dedicated locations.


Our maids are discreet

respectful of the rules and not intrusive.


Our teams work with efficiency and rigor. They respect the time indicated in the estimate and the missions to be carried out.


Our maids are organized and picky. They return your items to the same locations and know the steps to follow for greater speed of execution.


Our cleaning crews offer you tailored solutions, adapted to your needs and specific to different surfaces for the most professional possible rendered.

Cleaning new homes before delivery

You are a real estate builder and wish to present your properties to clients or agencies with the aim of closing a sale?

How Long Clean Up provides you with cleaning teams in order to lead the cleaning after work(dustingwall cleaningfloors and windows) for an exceptional result and one heart warming welcome of your future customers.

Nettoyage après travaux

Private cleaning at home

You are an particular and are looking for a housekeeper at home of quality and of trust to intervene in your home on a regular or occasional basis?

How Long Clean Up provides you with the best professionals of your sector: punctualmeticulousdiscreetmotivatedexperts in thedifficult cleanings and in depth.

Our teams adapt to your schedule requirements.

Ménage à domicile

Business premises cleaning

Our concierge How Long is aware of the difficulty in finding maids motivatedpunctualserious in the current market.

We found you the best professionals of the region who move from day as night to maintain your business premises(officescommercial or of production) regularly in order to maintain a pleasant welcome for your visitors and employees.

Our maids are specialized in the cleaning and the maintenance of agro-food production premises and work with processes and products adapted to the hygiene and the security of the food.

Ménage entreprise

The qualities of a housekeeper

There are many important qualities in the maid:

1. The diligence: it is important to be organized and work in an efficient way in order to be able to clean rapidly.

2. The attention to detail: it is important to take the time to clean each room and to walk around the house to ensure that everything is flawless.

3. The flexibility: you have to be able to adapt quickly to changes in routine and specific requests client.

4. The courtesy and the professionalism: it is fundamental to treat customers with respect and maintain a professional attitude at all times.

5. The discretion: as a maid, we have access to places and private information. It's important to respect the customer privacy and not to reveal confidential information.

6. The reliability: customers rely on maids to clean their home at a specific time. It is important to be punctual and to honor the commitments taken.

How Long makes a point of providing you with a quality work and have a sign charter of commitments to all of its professional housekeepers, forcing them to respect our values as well as the above qualities.

Passer l'aspirateur

The stages of the overall household

Here are some steps to follow to perform an efficient cleaning

1. Prepare the workspaceto pick up all the objects which are on the floor and put them to their place. If necessary, remove the work surfaces (table, counter, etc.).

2. Start with toughest cleaning tasks: this may include the bathroom cleaning and kitchens, which tend to accumulate a lot of dirt and of germs.

3. Skip the vacuum and the mop: start with the dirtiest floors and corners, then continue to the cleaner areas. You must not forget to empty the vacuum bag and to change the water in the mop when she becomes dirty.

4.To clean the surfaces: use a suitable cleaning product and one cloth or a sponge to clean the surfaces (tables, counters, sinks, etc.). don't forget to rinse and to dry surfaces after cleaning.

5. Store objects: put back the objects in their place and make sure all is well tidied up and organized.

6. Finish with the details: not clean the mirrors, the windows and the switches, change the napkins and the sheets, etc.

It is important to give yourself enough time to perform the household so efficient and to take care not to overlook some tasks. It may be useful to create a to-do list to make sure you don't forget anything.



Here are some examples of common household chores:

Clean the floors: pass the vacuum, the mop or wash tiles.

Clean surfacesto clean tables, counters, sinks and the work plans.

Clean the bathroomsto clean the bathroom, the sinks, the bathtubs and the showers.

Clean the kitchensto clean the refrigerators, the ovens, the hotplates and the sinks.

To dust: remove the dust of the furniture, of the shelves and decorative accessories.

Store objects: put back the objects in their place and make sure all is well tidied up and organized.

To make the beds: change the sheets and the pillows and arrange the quilts and the cushions.

Clean mirrors and windows: remove the fingerprints and the dirt on mirrors and windows.

Clean switches and sockets: remove the dust and the dirt of the switches and electrical outlets.

It may be useful to create a household chore list and define a cleaning frequency tailored to your needs and your timetable.

Ménage courant

Complex household chores

Our maids are trained for complex household chores.

Here are some examples:

-To clean the ovens and the hotplates: remove the food residue and the grease stains can be difficult and tedious.

-Clean refrigerators: empty the fridge, remove the tasks and the smells can be difficult.

-Clean the bathrooms: remove the tasks and the soap scum is sometimes complicated, especially if the surfaces that are damaged or porous.

-Clean windows and mirrors: remove the fingerprints and the dirt can be complicated, especially if the surfaces are high or difficult to access.

-Clean carpets and rugs: remove the tasks and the smells can be complex, especially if the tasks are old or stubborn.

It may be useful to use special cleaning products or ask for help to do these tasks so efficient. Our housekeeping teams are formed to achieve these complex tasks.

Ménage complexe

Less common cleaning

Our teams are mobilized to carry out all your common household chores hands also less regular. Here are some examples :

-Clean cupboards and cabinetsempty and clean the cupboards and the cabinetssort and discard unnecessary items.

-Clean drains and sinks : use special products to unclog them pipelines and clean the sinks.

-Clean mattresses and cushions: remove the blankets and the coversstrive the mattress and the cushions, turn them over and ventilate.

-Clean blinds and curtains: remove the blinds and the drapesclean by hand or passing them to the machine.

-Clean walls and ceilings: remove the tasks and the dirt of the walls and ceilings, the wash and the repaint if necessary.

-Clean household appliancesto clean the interior and the outside of the appliances (fridgeovendishwasher, etc.).

It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions for the cleaners used. It may be helpful to ask for help or call a professional cleaning company for complex household tasks. How Long Clean Up meets all of your needs.

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