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Your laundry without moving

All-inclusive support

Our teams are at your disposal to pick up your clothes, your bedding, your bath linen, your carpet, your drapes and all of your fabrics for the deep clean, thanks to high-end dry cleaners, specializing in quality maintenance parts in sensitive materials

The washes are done by hand or using latest technology machinery.

Your belongings are returned to you dryironed and folded according to professional methods.

Pressing blanchisserie

Household linen

We let's washtreatlet's sortlet's drybend and let's tidy up your household linenbath towels,wash clothsground sheettea towelsnapkinsplacemats, etc.

Blanchisserie et pressing


We let's clean and maintain your 

beddingpillowcasessheets, duvet covers, mattresscushions, etc.

We are replacing the bedding by clean tissue.

Pressing et blanchisserie

Carpets and curtains

Our specialized services of laundry support the deep cleaning of your carpet and drapes thanks to recent technics from 

maintenancefor an exception result.

Blanchisserie pressing

Let's work together

How Long Pressing is the guarantee of having laundry always well maintained, without stains, with pleasant smells and at the soft texture.

We pick up your textile home.

What is a pressing?

qu'est ce qu'un pressing

One pressing is a company that offers laundry cleaning and ironing services. The dry cleaners are usually equipped with washing machine, dryers and ironing tables, and offer dry cleaning servicessteam cleaning, dyeing, retouch and express pressing.

The dry cleaners are often located in shopping malls, train stations or airports, and are accessible to the public. They usually offer flat rates depending on the type of garment to be cleaned and the service requested.

The dry cleaners can be independent or belong to a chain of stores. They are usually held by cleaning and ironing professionals, who are responsible for ensuring the quality of the offered services and customer satisfaction.

The stages of laundry cleaning

étapes nettoyage linge

Here are the general steps for laundry cleaning :

1. Sort the laundry depending on his color and its type of tissue. It is important not to mix light colors and dark colors, and separate delicate fabrics from other clothes.

2. Remove all objects from the pockets and zippers of the clothes.

3. Prepare the washer adding detergent and adjusting the water temperature and the washing cycle.

4. Place the laundry in the washer and wait for the washing cycle be finished.

5. Run the washer and wait for the washing cycle be finished.

6. Take out the laundry of the washer and place it in a laundry basket.

7. Extend the laundry or place it in a clothes dryer taking care to follow the instructions of each garment.

8. Iron the laundry if necessary, making sure to follow the instructions of each garment and to use the good temperature for each type of tissue.

9. Store the clean laundry and ironed in cupboards or drawers.

It is important to follow these steps laundry cleaning to avoid unpleasant surprises and to prolong the life of your clothes. If you don't have a washer or if you have delicate laundry or some hard to remove stains, you could do to clean your laundry in one pressing or a laundry.

The different textile materials

Matières textile

There are many materials used in the making clothes and textiles for the House. Here are some examples of materials commonly used:

-Cotton: the cotton is a natural matter, soft and breathable, which is often used to make everyday clothesunderwear, napkins and sheets.

-Linen: the linen is a natural matter=, resistant and breathable, which is often used for make summer clothes and linens.

-Silk: the silk is a natural matter, fine and lustrous, which is often used to make evening clothes and luxury linens.

-Polyester: the polyester is a synthetic matter, resistant and easy to maintain, which is often used to make outdoor clothes and linens.

-Wool: the wool is a natural matter, warm and breathable, which is often used to make sweaters and linens.

-Acrylic: the acrylic is a synthetic matter, soft and warm, which is often used to make sweaters and linens.

It is important to choose the matter that best suits your needs and lifestyle, taking into account its features and benefits.

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