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Turnkey support for your property rentals

All-inclusive support

Your How Long Lease concierge manages your House rental from A to Z: from photography of your apartments/houses/villas until inventory after restitution of the property, through the entire administrative and the coaching to increase your demands for lease, How Long takes care of all the management.

The benefits of property management by the professionals from How Long

Rentabilité location immobilière

Increase in rental income

Our real estate rental coaching allows you to increase your prices by up to 20% and the annual housing rate by up to 40%

Gestion Airbnb

Saving time and energy

Relax, we take care of everything. By entrusting us with the management of your rentals, you reduce your stress for a better comfort of life, far from the constraints

Gestion location immobilière

Better day-to-day management

Our expert rental teams allow you to better manage the rental procedures and the maintenance of your real estate

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How Long Lease now offers you the management of your rentals of ship!!

Check in Check out

Check-in / check-out

Our welcomers receive customers for the return of the keys of your accommodation and realize it return of property once the  leasecompleted, with signed inventory and pictures any damage, which we transfer to the insurance company to compensate you, if necessary.

Application How Long

Ads management

Our teams take professional pictures and strategies of your property and create an ad with attractive key words on the application How Long to give him more visibility and increase the number of reservations, during the year or during the season.

Coaching Airbnb


How Long offers you expert solutions in homestaging to enhance your accommodation: moving furniture, adding decoration or options, works, etc. Your rehabilitation allows you to obtain a return on investment of high value.

Femme de ménage Airbnb


Our teams of household make every effort to clean andwash your accommodation, after each lease, before each handing over of keys and during visits according to customer requests. Your property remains well and attractive maintained, and allows you to benefit from the best opinion on the How Long app.

Planning Airbnb

Schedule management

Your schedule of rentals is recorded from our city managers on an online application, it allows you to consult the next reservations and block dates on which you do not wish to hire your property. Analyzes are carried out to find out the periods of strong influence and set up a Marketing strategy in order to promote the rentals during off-peak periods as well as adjust prices depending on the activity.

Entretien Airbnb

Maintenance and repairs

One rented property regularly tends to deteriorate more quickly, which is why it is important to carry out a regular maintenance and spot repairs in case of wear or of broken. This allows your accommodation to keep a superior value, to obtain good advices and continue to be rented, have advantageous prices for the owner but this also applies to security of the renters and their comfort.

Sinistre habitation

Disaster management

In case of broken or of theft, our teams intervene in order to provide evidence at the insurance thanks to the signed inventory during the check in, and follow the progress of the files, until the support of the  damagethen proceed to the purchase and the interventions of repair according to your wishes, within  as fast as we canin order to avoid any loss of income for you.

Gestion administrative Airbnb


How Long performs all of the paperwork related to your project: establishment and signature of the rental contract, constitution of the customer file and analyse of his solvencytax declaration, management of accounting, tracking customer regulations, analyse of profitability, calculation of return on investmentlegal statements, etc.

Visite location

Housing visits

How Long Lease organizes for you visits to your accommodation to future interested long-term renters

We put value and let us praise the merits of your property, let's take appointment with interested people at strategic times (during the day for better visibility) and respond to their questions.

Our teams are transparentcommercialprofessional and luxury real estate experts.

Assurance location voiture


How Long Lease accompanies you to find the best insurance on the market for your rental investment in order to avoid any franchise related to inherent risks in owning a rental accommodation(brokenclaimsunpaid, etc.).

We are in contact with the most serious and reactive agency of the region, offering tailor-made contracts.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Our teams are specialized in all prestige services and have several years of property rental experience.

Check-in / Check-out

Our teams go on site at the agreed time of start of rental for welcome (Possibility of welcome box including some goodies  specialties of the region) the renters, of their hand over the keys, to do the housing tower with them, to explain to them, if necessary, the operation of the tools and the home appliance and remind them of rules of lease then make them sign the inventory upon arrival.

At the end of their stay, an appointment is made to carry out a signed exit inventory by both parties and collect the keys. Our maids then intervene immediately to clean the accommodation in order to reduce delays between the departure of the current occupants and the arrival of the following.

How Long also offers various services that are invoiced in addition to interested customers, such as a dedicated driver to pick them up at the airport and to bring them back, the meal delivery to make them taste the best specialities from the corner, the equipment rental, of ship, of car, the relationship with the tradespeople the most qualified, a service of pressing and of household for the long term rentals, the cargardening, the child and pet care, and even more.

Services annexes
Etat des lieux location immobilière

Ads management

Our teams take care of post your ads professional. Our expert photographers go on site (after cleaning), in order to take the most beautiful photographs of your property, retouch them and insert them into your announcement.

Our marketing managers establish a catchy text, including all of the key words and proposed options in the accommodation and the ancillary services offered by How Long (according to your will).

Our experts in property rental also support responding to prospect queries on the Airbnb app with the greatest professionalism and accept or refuse the wishes of reservation, according to the planning, in order to favor the greatest periods of lease or those that combine best.

Our teams also manage with great interest the customers' opinion in order to continuously work on areas for improvement based on everyone's experiences.

Annonce maison Airbnb


Our teams of interior decoration offer you a personalized coaching in order to give more allure to your real estate property.

This may include:

- a new provision furniture for enlarge the space or improve the brightness;

- a new decoration, more in tune with the times or responding to a growing demand on the geographical area of your property;

- the renovations to be in tune with the regulations or to rejuvenate the accommodation (paint, insulation, air conditioning, kitchen, bathroom, etc.);

- modeling of the colors overall for a more united, sober or jovial atmosphere;

- the addition of appliances or the investment in new furniture more recent, comfortable, useful;

- the transition to high quality bedding, a key factor in the success of seasonal real estate rental.

Coaching en Airbnb

Schedule management

How Long takes into account periods when you do not want rent your property on Airbnb and manages the reservations consequently.

We do everything we can to ensure that your accommodation is occupied most of the time (excluding periods of works).

We share with you live the rental dates planned so that you can organize yourself if necessary accommodation.

Gestion planning location immobilère

Maintenance and repair

Because your accommodation is regularly inhabited, by people who are not always attentive and respectful, it is necessary to proceed with its regular maintenance, in particular by providing for a deep cleaning at regular intervals (curtains, carpets, mattresses, oven, walls, ceilings, etc.) and in renewing objects and furniture (cupboards, crockery, doors, pillows, curtains, etc.) regularly.

How Long accompanies you to maintain a precise calendar for all of this routine maintenance, the most suitable for a good aging of the property, to avoid investments heavy due to wear breakage. Our expertise on property rental allows us to know the optimal times for complex cleaning and for replacement of centerpieces.

Concerning the repair, How Long saves you the stress related to the redemption of objects and broken furniture and accompanies you in the search for best material of our local producers, carries out the supervision of the laid and assembly, if necessary, within your budget.

How Long Airbnb is committed to finding a solution as soon as possible, especially in the event of broken preventing the lease for reasons of comfort(e.g. bed, electricity) or security (bay window). 

Entretien logement

Disaster management

In case of sinister, whether by a lessor or not, How Long accompanies you in the procedures related to assurance (declaration, sending of evidence, expertise, search for cause and repairs).

-Water damage


-Power cut

-Damage materials 

-Heist with or without violation

Our teams manage all the difficult cases.

We can also offer you bespoke home insurance and corresponding to your needs, reactive and human size, to allow us to go to an agency in the event of difficulties in the file (too long response time, need for supporting documents, refusal of payment, etc.).

Sinistre habitation gestion

History of real estate rental

The property rental, that is to say the rental of real estate by an owner has a tenant, is a practice that has existed since antiquity. In Greek and Roman antiquity, the owners rented their houses, their land and their slaves to other people for a fixed time against payment.

In the Middle Ages, the property rental was mainly used for agricultural land, which was rented to peasants to cultivate their crops. Cities were also a place of property rental, with some houses and shops rented for trades people and artisans.

Over the following centuries, the property rental has become increasingly common in many parts of the world. It was used for rent houses, of the apartments, offices and other types of real estate.

Today the property rental is a common way for people and businesses to find accommodation or a workspace. It is regulated by the law in many countries and often involves signing a rental agreement between the owner and the tenant.

Histoire location immobilière

How to make your real estate rental profitable 

The profitability of the property rental depends on several factors, such as:

- The purchase price of the property: the higher the purchase price is, more difficult it will be to clear an interesting profitability.

- The cost of renovation and maintenance work: it is important to take it into account when buying a property to hire, as these costs may affect the profitability.

- The amount of rents received: the amount of rents received is a key factor in profitability of the property rental. More the rents are students, more the profitability will be important.

- The fillers and the taxes: it is important to take into account the fillers and taxes related to property rental, which can reduce the profitability.

- The occupancy rate: the greater the good is busy, more the profitability will be important.

It is recommended to make a profitability study before buying one property for rent, in order to determine whether the investment is profitable or not. It is also important to get advice from a real estate professional before making a decision. How Long Airbnb accompanies you in this direction, do not hesitate to contact us.

Rentabilité location Airbnb

Laws related to real estate rental

In France, the property renta lis governed by the Construction and Housing Code and by the Civil Code. Here are some of the main laws and regulations which apply to the property rental in France :

- The Alur law (law for access to accommodation and renovated town planning): this law was adopted in 2014 and aims to improve access to accommodation and fight against unfit housing. In particular, it provides for the creation of diagnoses compulsory before the lease of one accommodation, the implementation of guarantees for unpaid rents and the supervision of rents.

- The Duflot law (incentive scheme for the construction of new housing): this law was adopted in 2013 and aims to encourage the construction of new housing granting tax benefits to owners who put in lease their good.

- The Pinel device (tax exemption scheme for the rental investment): this device allows owners to benefit from an income tax reduction in exchange for the lease of their good.

It is important to respect these laws and regulations when renting a property in France to avoid legal problems.

Lois location immobilière

How Long rental works

Here is how the operation of the rental accommodation on Airbnb can take place for owners:

1. Registration on the platform: to can list your home on Airbnb, you must first register on the platform by creating an account. You must provide certain personal information, such as your name, email address and telephone number.

2. Creation of the announcement: once your account is created, you can deposit an online ad describing your accommodation and indicating the dates of availablity. You can add pictures and details about the features of your accommodation, such as its size, location, number of rooms and people that can be accommodated, etc.

3. Receipt of requests for reservation: when travelers are looking for accommodation on Airbnb, they can send a request for reservation for your accommodation if they are interested. You can accept or decline this request, depending on your availablity and your preferences.

4. Confirmation of reservation: once the confirmed reservation, Airbnb will send you a message with the information.

Fonctionnement Airbnb

Rental investment

The rental investment consists of buy real estate (apartmenthomebuilding, etc.) with the aim of hire tenants and get one revenue. It's an investment strategy which may be of interest to diversify your portfolio and enjoy the long-term real estate valuation.

There are several ways to make a rental investment:

- The purchase of a new or under construction property: this option makes it possible to obtain a good in a perfect state and benefit from fiscal advantages related to purchase of the first principal residence.

- The purchase of an old property to renovate: this option allows you to negotiate the purchase price and enjoy the capital gain carried out following renovations.


- The purchase of a property with high potential for valuation: this option allows you to take advantage of the real estate valuation in an area where demand exceeds supply.

It is important to be well informed about the local real estate market before making a rental investment, taking into account the characteristics of the property, the location quality, the rental demand and management fees. It is also recommended to be accompanied by a real estate professional to avoid rookie mistakes and maximize the chances of investment success.

investissement locatif

Rental visit

To do visit a property in view of its lease can be a challenge, especially if you are owner and you're not used to hireyour good. Here are some tips for preparing and carrying out a rental visit:

- Prepare the property for the visit: ensure that the property is clean and in order, that all the equipment is working properly and that the rooms are well lit. If the good is furniture, arrange the rooms so that they are welcoming and pleasant to live in.

- Prepare a clear and concise presentation of the property: prepare a list of the strengths and equipment of the property, as well as information on the neighborhood and the public transport. If you use a real estate agency, let her take care of the presentation of the good and the answer to the questions from visitors.

- Greet visitors in a warm and professional manner: be punctual and present yourself clearly and concisely. Answer visitors' questions honest and transparent, and do not hesitate to show them the rooms of the property and explain to them how they are fitted out.

- Demonstrate flexibility: if the visitors wish to visit the property at different times from those you have proposed, be flexible and adapt to their needs. It will show that you are available and professional.

By following these tips, you should be able to achieve a rental visit successful and to find a serious and responsible tenant for your property.

Visite location

Rental investment insurance

The rental investment insurance is an assurance which covers the risks related to the rental of real estate. It is intended for owners who wish to protect their investment and ensure a regular income in case of sinister or problem related to lease of their good.

Here are the main risks covered by one rental investment insurance:

- The damage caused to property by the tenants or their guests: the assurance cover the necessary repairs following damage caused by tenants, like the leaks, the broken glass, the paint damage, etc.

- The damage caused to tenants' belongings: the insurance covers the necessary repairs following damage caused to tenants' belongings, such as furniture, appliances, etc.

- The rent losses: the assurance covers the rent losses in case of unpaid or of early departure of tenants. It can also cover the dunning costs and recovery of the unpaid rents

- The court costs: the assurance covers the court costs linked to a dispute with the tenants, like the litigation costs or collection of unpaid rent.

It is important to carefully compare the different rental investment insurance offers and choose an assurance which covers the the most important risks for your good and your situation. Do not hesitate to seek advice from a professionnal insurance or to an accountant to help you find the best insurance for your rental investment.

Assurance habitation
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